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Characters: 38-Segment-LCD (Extract)
Characters: 88-Segment-LCD (Extract)

Characters: 111-Segment-LCD (Extract)

Alphanumeric LCD large displays (Segment script)
Alphanumeric LCD large displays allow the presentation of numbers, texts and special signs. The alphanumeric LCD displays are manufactured with segment script (38S, 54S, 88S und 111S) or with LCD-Pixelmatrix (low- till high-resolution). The following characters can dependently on the type be carried out by the segment script:.

38 / 54-Segment:
Numbers 0 to 9, capital letters and some special signs

Numbers 0 to 9, small- and capital letter and special signs

ASCII-Character set, including european and special fonts as e.g: Cyrillic and Greek.

The large displays in execution LCD are suitable for the In-and Outdoor area and at professional building also under extremely difficult conditions well readable.

Reitberger-LCD large displays are equiped only with high qualitative LCD-Modules, which stand out due to the following features particularly:
- High life time expectation: Approx. 200.000h
- High contour sharpness and high contrast
- Temperature range LCD module: Operating/stored -40°C to +85°C
- Viewpoints: Readability up to 170°