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Large displays
Technics oriented

Numeric displays LED
Numeric displays LCD
Alphanumeric displays LED
Alphanumeric displays LCD
Graphic displays LED
Graphic displays LCD
Alphanumeric / Graphic VF displays
Bargraph displays LED
Bargraph displays LCD
Bargraph displays TFT
Industrial displays LCD
Industrial displays PLASMA
LED-Lighting (Industrial)
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LCD-Module with 7 plus 3 Segments
LCD-Module with 7 plus Segments
LCD-Module with 38 Segments

Numeric LCD large displays; Indoor / Outdoor
Numeric LCD large displays
allow the representation of numbers
and special signs.
They are deliverable in the execution "Indoor -and Outdoor application with serial and parallel interfaces.
Numeric LCD displays are available in the executions 7-Segment, 7+
Segment, 38-Segment and 54-Segment.

- For applications in the Indoor and Outddoor area
(best readability also at direct sunlight)
- Character heights: 29mm to 300mm; Others on inquiry
- Character colours:1-colour: Gelb. rot, grün, weiß, orange
- Character colours: 3-colours: Rot, gelb und gün; RGB auf Anfrage
- Number of lines: Standard 1 to 10; On wish arbitrary
- Number of Characters per line: Depending on corresponding LCD module in 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 10 steps
- Portrayable characters at displays with BCD- or Profibus
0, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, E, L, H, -
- Portrayable characters at displays with serial interfaces
RS232, 422, 485, Ethernet
7+ Segment: Numbers 0 to 9, -, + and further special signs
38 and 54-
Segment: Numbers 0 to 9, capital characters and
special signs
The numeric large displays are deliverable in type case (single- and doublesided, in type front mounting also as single components (incl. display modules, control unit, power module).