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Professional-LCD-Monitors of the series „MFG 3270“ for use in "Business, Industry, Outdoor"
The LCD displays of the series „MFG 3270” stand out due to a high professional converting and efficiency. They are deliverable in various executions for following application areas:Business area: Foyers, training classrooms etc.
Industrial sector: Rough industry surroundings, production lines etc.
Outdoor area: Shaded surroundings and places with direct solar irradiation
The displays of the series „ MFG 3270 „ contains display sizes of 32 „to 70“ with 1920 X 1080 pixels and are deliverable alternatively with and without integrated PC.

Application fields

- As Information Points, accident statistics displays, building guidepost
- As Production data displays in production facilities Visualization of fault reports
- Truck call displays in the Outdoor range
The LCD displays of the series „MFG 3270“ are able to be used as desktop model by corresponding accessories or be fastened with wall mount at ceilings and walls.

Our services
- Consultation and planning at the use of various visualization systems
- Completion in conformity with the system of display systems with our numeric and alphanum. LED/LCD - large displays
- Development and construction of PC applications
- Putting into service on the spot