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Truck call display: TRUCK 66-250

Truck call displays are an imperative tool, to carry out the load and unload of trucks efficiently and economically. The truck call display " TRUCK 66-250 " looks after the required summary.
The 8-line truck call display "TRUCK 66-250" allowes to show up to eight different truck calls at the same time. Each of the five display lines has 12 characters for an identical number (e.g.: motor vehicle
license plate) plus 2 characters for the truck position (position number). A flashing all around-luminary at the case underside signals the truck drivers an information change. The switching duration of the all around luminary is alterable.
The drive of the truck call display is carried out serially via a RS 485 interface, optional via Ethernet
TCP/IP with the Reitberger-Standard protocol. A customization to a predefined transmission protocol is optionally possible.